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Staff member: Jami

Our Patient Care Coordinator and Marketing Manager, Jami, has been with Dr. Lo for 6 years. She makes sure all of our patients are very comfortable and have a full understanding of the process of getting scheduled for surgery. She meets with you at the initial consultation after you see Dr. Lo, helping you get to know our practice. She will help you pick the perfect surgery date for you and is sure to make you feel confident in our practice! Jami goes over all payment options available to you as well.

Staff member: Mildred

Our Patient Care Coordinator for over 15 years, Mildred will arrange all the prep, day of surgery and post surgery details. She meets with you at your "pre-op" appointment and goes over all the fine details you'll need to know about your surgery. She will make you feel very comfortable answering last minute questions and making sure you know how to take care of yourself before, during and after surgery.

Staff member: Tammy

Medical Assistant to Dr. Adrian Lo, Tammy has worked with Dr. Lo for over 15 years and helps you the day after surgery....and through your healing process. Tammy calls you the morning after surgery to ensure you are feeling very comfortable.

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