• Breast Implants in 2019

    Breast Implants have come a long way since they first became popular back in the in the 1960’s. Today, breast augmentation rates as the #1 cosmetic surgery performed around the country as well as here at Dr. Adrian Lo’s practice. Thankfully, we now have modern ‘tools’ to help potential patients choose the right shape, size and feel for them. At the consultation, patients will use our Vectra 3D imaging machine, allowing a visual of what they may potentially look like […]

  • The Mommy Make-over

    Looking to get your flat tummy and perky breasts back after child-bearing years?

  • Ready for your consultation?

    Actual Patient

    Ever wonder what happens during a consultation for Plastic Surgery? Here at Dr. Adrian Lo’s office, we take this opportunity to make a most special and informational experience for our patients. It is likely the most important phase of learning and understanding what surgery options are available for you, and maybe even more important, what kind of results you can expect.

    Most cosmetic surgery goals and dreams […]

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